AlwaysHEAR Protection Plan
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Repair Plans:
*Repair Plans do not include L&D (see ESCO below)

1 Year  - $360/set or $180 / per aid
2 Year  - $660/set or $330 / per aid (save $60/$30)
3 Year  - $900/set or $450 / per aid (save $180/$90)
Reasons to Protect Your Hearing Aid Investment:
  • Free Factory or third party Hearing Aid Repairs, including complete overhauls
  • Free Professional Hearing Aid Repairs and Maintenance
  • Free Standard Shipping on Hearing Aid Repairs
  • Reduced Visit fees for Appointments, Programming, and Adjustments
  • ESCO plans cover Accidental Loss and Damage beyond Manufacture coverage (see below)
  • ESCO plans cover Loss and Damage for Accessories not covered by Manufactures (see below)

The Risk of Being Out-of-Warranty:
  • Full cost for all hearing aid service fees including professional repairs, reprogramming, adjustments, etc.
  • Minimum $55 fee for all appointments with a Hearing Instrument Specialist
  • Average repair cost rang from $125 to $550 per hearing aid
  • The average cost of replacing hearing aids range between $1050 to $3095 per aid

Note: Plans do NOT cover the purchase of batteries or other products
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Once your original manufacture warranty expires or if you have lost a device, the cost of repairing or replacing that device is your responsibility. With these programs, you can extend your Loss & Damage and Hearing Aid Repair coverage to provide you peace-of-mind. Repairs will be sent directly to the manufacture of your hearing aids for best care and service. ESCO will cover the repair cost for any repairs during the warranty extension period.
Platinum Plan:
The Platinum Plan is a complete insurance coverage plan for your hearing aids. This plan provides loss and accidental damage (beyond repair) coverage, including coverage for normal wear and tear of the device.
If a hearing aid is lost, accidentally damaged, or requires repair for normal wear and tear, the Platinum Plan makes replacing it easy. You can contact ESCO or your HEAR-Mobile provider to file a claim, this policy covers a one-time replacement per policy period.
Protection Plus Plan:
Protection Plus is an easy and affordable insurance coverage plan for your hearing aids. This plan provides loss and accidental damage (beyond repair) coverage, and can be purchased at any point in the life of your hearing aids.
If a patients hearing aids are lost or accidentally damaged, Protection Plus makes replacement easy. They only need to contact ESCO or your
HEAR-Mobile provider to file a claim, this policy covers one-time replacement per policy period.
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