Hearing in Daily life
Custom Sonic Valve Ear Protection
Sonic Valve Earplug
($175 / set*)
The Sonic Valve earplug provides comfortable protection for loud environments, takes the "sting" out of gun blast noises and helps reduce "noise hangover" from loud music.
Custom Stage Monitors
($265-$305 / set*)
In-ear, custom-fit audio monitors provide the ultimate in comfort and crystal-clear clarity because they fit perfectly and block out unwanted noise. Available with single or dual drivers. Custom Stage Monitors deliver natural, balanced sound with pure, rich tones. These custom-fit monitors eliminate the need for traditional stage wedge monitors. Available with dual or triple drivers.
Custom Stage Monitors
Sound In Our Daily Lives
We provide custom fit options from in ear products like bluetooth, streaming, headphones, musician monitors, and aviation sets to hearing protection like swimmers plugs, sound level dampners, hunters ears, sleepers plugs and more.
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Custom Sleeping Earplugs
Custom Swimmers Plugs Protection
Custom Solid Earplugs
Solid Earplugs
($145 / set*)
Custom fit solid earplugs provide outstanding noise protection for a variety of recreational and occupational environments. The corded option allows wearers to place the plugs over their necks when they're not in use. Solid earplugs are also available with a removal "L" shaped handle
Sleeping Earplug
($145 / set*)
The sleeping earplug is available in different styles including completely-in-the-canal (CIC) and in-the-canal (ITC). It also includes a pull string for easy removal.
Swimmers Plugs
($145 / set*)
Custom-made waterproof swim plugs offer protection for those prone to ear infections or other ear problems. Made of soft hydrophobic silicone material for maximum comfort, the plugs float so you won't lose them in the water. Swim plugs come in a variety of solid, swirled and neon colors.
Hunters Protection Behind the Ear
Hunters Protection Custom In the Ear
Custom High Frequency Noise Filter
Shooters Ear Behind-The-Ear
($1200, $1500, $1900 / set*)
Providing 3 levels of tech. Prevent hearing loss from gunshoot noise while enhancing ambient sounds for increased situaltional awareness. Conforming eartips create a comfortable seal while providing superb attenuation properties.

Peak Exposure Level (db)          IPIL (db)
                                  132                 37.3
                                  150                 44
                                  168                 42
Shooter Ear Custom In-The-Ear
($1300, $1600, $2000 / set*)
For those who prefer a custom fit, this top-of-the-line model offers the ultimate in comfort, convenience and performance.
High Frequency Noise Filter
($165 / set*)
The Hocks Noise Brake® is an acoustic filter that adjusts all incoming sound to appropriate speech levels. While most hearing protection seals off the ear, effectively blocking any sound from entering, this high frequency noise filter lets air and sound through in a safe, effective way. As a result, the wearer can communicate freely and remain aware of the surrounding environment.
Custom Ear molds Bluetooth
Musician Earplugs / Protection
Custom Headphones
Custom Earmolds for Bluetooth
($95-145 / each*)
Personalized custom earmolds that attach to your Bluetooth wireless headset help you hear every conversation more clearly. Traditional Bluetooth headsets have a tendency to be uncomfortable and fall out. Custom earmolds enable you to stay connected with the utmost comfort and clarity.
Musicians Filtered Earplugs
($175 / each* / $45 each filter)
Unlike traditional earplugs which distort music by muffling low- and mid-range frequencies, Tunz Musician Filtered Earplugs are designed to protect your hearing, while delivering clear sound across all frequencies — Available with
9 dB, 15 dB and 25 dB filters.
Custom Headphones
($100 / each*)
For use with all of your audio equipment, you can attach these "made just for you" earmolds directly to your existing headphones for a perfect fit every time. And with custom earmolds, your headphones will stay comfortably in place.
Custom Newscaster / Teleprompter
Custom Pilot Headset
Custom Stethoscope Adaptor
Pilot Headset Mold
(Call for Price*)
Professional pilots have several choices in headset communications that are compatible with the Pilot Headset mold. The mold features an adjustable boom for microphone positioning. Headset molds are also available in a receiver style without a boom microphone support.
Newscaster/Teleprompter Mold
($140 / each*)
Used extensively by broadcast professionals, reporters and law enforcement agencies, this open, skeleton- or canal-style earmold offers clear and discreet two-way communication.
Stethoscope Adaptor Mold
($145 / each*)
Customized receiver molds can be fit to nearly any stethoscope for added comfort and enhanced hearing ability in noisy medical environments.
Custom Racing Receivers
Racing Receiver Mold
($225 / set*)
($325 / set*) Electronic headset
Used by motorsports drivers who demand quality communication, the Racing Receiver mold offers maximum comfort and durability while providing excellent sound suppression underneath any racing helmet.
*Cost shown reflects standard price which includes product, ear impression(s), order processing and first visit. Price may change according to styles and options.